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I thought that I would share this email I received today. This just goes to show an outsiders view of our Department and a comparison across the State. I realize that this is only one persons view, however it is far easier to be critical. So thanks for your kind words Brother. I hope you don’t mind my posting the email. Our Department is made up of a very diverse workforce. Our Firefighters are easily the most experienced around and the most dedicated. Here is the email sent to me below:

“Hey Rhett, I have been doing a lot of web browsing of different departments in Va. and have noticed that Roanoke is one of the best as far as call volume and personnel. The pay is average maybe even a little on the low side, but all in all you guys have your act together. The info you put on your blog is like no one else’s. As an outsider looking in and trying to collect as much information as I can it is really helpful to me and other firefighters interested in employment with your city. Just thought you would like to know that and by the way THANKS A MILLION!”

Thanks for the kind words Brother,

Your Welcome

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