Red Comet Fire Extinguisher

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Photo Courtesy of Firefighter Travis Collins
Extinguisher belongs to Captain Willie Wines

This fire extinguisher was brought to me to show to you all. Actually there are three in the collection. There are two yellow ones and one red one. The mount below is one of two types in the collection. You can view information on the extinguishers HERE.The extinguishers are in excellent condition and the fusible links are intact. The extinguishers were meant to be mounted to the wall. Instructions are to pick up and toss into the fire or if you are absent the extinguisher will fall due to the fusible link. This is a pretty neat little tidbit of history. There were so many types of glass bulb fire extinguishers made. There is a neat little extinguisher museum online HERE for your enjoyment.

“As it turns out, many of them are filled with harmless salt water…but many others, typically the “later” mass produced variety are filled with Carbon Tetrachloride, a dangerous chemical that can potentially cause lung damage with just one exposure…liver and kidney damage…and even death.” (MORE HERE)

I would also like to thank all of the guys who have spread the word about the Historical Project that Travis and I are working on. Just by word-of-mouth we have been able to meet a lot of retirees and speak with them about the true “Back in the Day”. Just today I have spoken with Johnnie Guthrie and Corbin Wilson. The other day Calhoun Hawley stopped by, and I bumped into Pete Price the other day at Station #8. We have found these retirees to be very helpful in identifying firefighters in pictures as well as incidents, trucks, and other stuff. Please continue to pass along the information and feel free to have them stop by to see us at Station #10 on C-shift, or give them my phone number. Thanks again.

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