The Remembrance Flag

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~The 9/11 Remembrance Flag was designed to honor and remember the thousands of heroes lost on September 11, 2001, who knowingly or not, gave up their lives for our freedom. When such a historical event as this takes place, it is our duty as American citizens to ensure that our future generations keep these memories alive; not dwelling on the sadness and devastation that occurred, but learning from the circumstances and making every effort to prevent similar tragedies in our future.

~ The 9/11 Remembrance Flag is our way of keeping the events and lost lives on that tragic day alive forever. Wherever you display this flag, people will be reminded of the September 11th incident and all others relating to it. But the greatest reminder will not be what the terrorists took from us that day, rather how we all united together, physically, emotionally, monetarily, and willingly… risking our lives, if necessary, for the freedom of our children and our children’s children. More Here

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