Two More Charged in Russian Blaze – News

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Two More Charged in Russian Blaze – News:

Prosecutors have charged two more people in connection with an office-building blaze last week that killed nine people in the Russian Pacific port of Vladivostok.

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Metal gates blocking stairwells in the nine-story building trapped workers on the upper floors during last Monday’s blaze. Several of the victims jumped or fell to their deaths trying to escape the smoke and flames.

Prosecutor Alexander Anikin said in comments broadcast on NTV that an employee of the state-owned Sberbank had been charged with failing to oversee fire safety at the part of the building that the bank occupied.

An Emergency Situations Ministry inspector was also charged for falsifying an inspection report, he said.

Anikin also said trash and cardboard boxes appeared to have contributed to the spread of the blaze.(Read More)

Warning: Graphic Video.

This video goes to show what Firefighters are up against while battling high rise fires.

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