Weekly Call Statistics

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Well here it is Friday, so it is time again for my weekly call statistics. Yeah, I know I missed last week, but you didn’t miss anything. I have different news this week. I ran a call. It hardly counts though. I had to hop on the engine to ride down to training and we were toned out for a possible car fire on I-581. Chief 2 drove up on it and disregarded us. I did learn one thing, my leather bunker boots tightened up on me. It was really a site, me trying to put my gear on. They are going to start calling me the tinman soon, if I sit still too long I will rust. So technically the call does not call as far as ARFF calls go. I am however supposed to be on a rotation on the engine, which is another story, so I will keep both stats. Maybe I can come up with an image for my stats.

ARFF – 0
Engine – 1

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