A firefighter travels the world

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I received this picture above and I am told that this was taken in Afghanistan when one of our firefighters was over there. Well apparently this firefighter travels a lot. I have gotten several other images sent to me from around the world showing of his travels.
Here you can see him in the Middle East fighting the war on terror.
Here he is blowing stuff up. Looks like fun.
Apparently he made a quick stop at the north pole to see what was going on.
Stonehenge was on the list of tourist attractions for our resident traveler.
Apparently he couldn’t even stay away from this beached whale.
That is right, he was there. Move over guys, our man was the first Roanoke Firefighter on the moon.
Did somebody say Olympics? Our man wouldn’t miss curling for the World. He says he might be ready for the Winter Olympics in 2010.

So there you have it, the photo diary of our guy traveling the world. I am told that you might see some more pictures in the future.

The thing that gets me is the choice of events/places that he decided to alter. I do not think they could have been any more random. Anyways, this was all in jest. Have a good day.

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