Engine 13 is Replaced, Ending an Era

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Engine 13, the last open cab engine being used as first run apparatus in Roanoke City is being replaced today. Engine 13 is being replaced with the old Engine 3, a 1991 Grumman. The new Engine 3, a 2005 model Pierce Quantum, was just recently placed into service.This may not seem like a big deal, but in reality it is the end of an era. Engine 13 is a 1990 model KME engine, and is not fully enclosed like the rest of our fleet. Below is a pictorial account of Engine 3 and Engine 13 in the past 25 years. This is to my best recollection of the research I have been through. If indeed I missed a truck, please let me know.

Engine 13 in the 80′s
Engine 3 in the 80′s: Pictured L-R Captain Howard “Pizza head” Guilliams, FF Jimmy Jennings, and FF Charles Harrington
Engine 13 1990-2006
Engine 3 1991-2006/ Engine 13 2006
Engine 3, 2006

I would have gone back to the beginning, but currently I have too many holes in my research to provide accurate information. Look for it in the future.

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