Firefighter shortage means longer response time

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81 firefighter positions are open in the Virginia Beach fire department.

13News has learned the shortage is could force officials to freeze future personal leave requests. Any leave approved already would be allowed, however.

That news came from Fire Chief Greg Cade’s presentation to council on Tuesday. He said his department is 61% understaffed.

On average, because of the shortage, you’ll be waiting 10 minutes for firefighters to get where they need to be. Also, there are now three firefighters on each truck instead of the standard four personnel.

“We’re going to show up like we always do and we’re going to do the great job that Virginia Beach firefighters always do,” said Chief Cade. He admits, though, “If your house is on fire, there’s no doubt that it’s a scary issue.”

“It takes longer to get the people there because they’re coming from further distances,” explained Ken Pravetz, the firefighters union president. (Read More)

81 openings. What the hell is going on down in Virginia Beach Fire Department. The Virginia Beach Professional Fire Fighters do not mention anything about this on their website. If anyone knows anything more about this please let me know. They are currently going through the testing process.

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