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I have posted information on this site before. Firefighter Wayne has a blog dedicated to the history of the Detroit Fire Department. However, a lot of the infromation he posts has been collected from websites all over the internet. The history usually pertains to Fire Departments all over the Nation. If you get a moment you should check out this blog and read the posts. He numbers his posts and he is currently on #194.


The middle to late 1960s saw the wide-scale introduction of crosslay hosebeds and pre-connected hoselines.
Up to this time, most hose was carried in the rear hosebeds. Pre-connected crosslays offer an option that allows for rapid water application under certain fire conditions.

In the early 1970s, Ward LaFrance created what was probably the most controversial issue ever to hit the apparatus field. By aggressively marketing a new color for fire apparatus,

LIME GREEN, as being more visible and therefore safer, a wedge was driven into the fire service.
Traditionalists stood behind the old standard red, while “progressive” fire service personnel preached the advantages of the new color.

At one point, there were actually more apparatus being delivered in the new color than the traditional red.

Many fire departments, both large and small, switched to the new color.

But after about a decade, departments began to switch back to red.
Many apparatus were repainted.

Virtually every large department that had gone to the new color returned to red.

Currently, few new apparatus are being delivered that are painted lime green.

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