Firefighters Go In, Knowing They May Not Come Out – News

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Firefighters Go In, Knowing They May Not Come Out – News:
Firefighters racing to the fire last week felt their stomachs drop at the report of three trapped.

Fighting fire is never a walk in the park. It’s dirty and hot and dangerous at the best of times. Your life is on the line. You trust your fellow firefighters to have your back.

Firefighters will tell you they dispassionately weigh the risks and rewards before entering a structure to attempt a rescue. They understand the cold calculus of the job: When the alarm comes, you have to roll out; there’s no guarantee you’ll come back.

So as Piqua fire Capt. Vince Ashcraft and his crew pull up outside 527 Wood St. well before dawn, they are calculating their chances.

Smoke is pouring from a second-story window where the three were reported trapped. No flames on the first story. Entry is possible.

Police officers have attempted to enter but were turned back by intense heat and smoke. Clothed in heavy turnout coats and pants, shielded by helmets and assisted by breathing apparatus and years of training, the firefighters are the only ones with any chance.(Read More)

You have got to read this story. This reporter gets the story right. It is good to see the newspaper reporting the facts, and the firefighters portraying the story very well. I might add also that they had a save that day. Unfortunately two others died. But all three would have if it weren’t for the firefighters.

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