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High Springs Herald:

Uproar over armed firefighters killing chickens by homes
By Christa Jenkins
Herald Writer

HIGH SPRINGS — After seeing High Springs firefighters toting rifles through a neighborhood and shooting at chickens last week, residents said they are infuriated.

The southwest sector of town between Southwest Fourth Avenue and Poe Springs Road has had a chicken problem for years.

Many residents said they were upset not that the chickens were killed but the manner in which the situation was handled last Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Residents said they were not notified that the shooting would happen, that they worried about the safety of their children and pets, and that firefighters ran through private property without permission.

When the shooting was over, residents said they were left to deal with injured chickens and a bloody mess.

City officials, however, said that multiple safety precautions were taken, including having the city’s police chief on the scene with a safety perimeter in place.(More Here)

I can just see some of the guys from are department like Trussler, Franklin, Bennington, and the rest of the Roanoke Militia walking through any part of Roanoke killing chickens. Picture that. Kind of reminds me of Tombstone, just not sure which one of them would be Doc Holiday.

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