IAFF: News From The Field

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IAFF: News From The Field:
February 13, 2006 – The IAFF is pleased to announce it is forming a union sportsman’s club to give members with a love for the outdoors and a shared interest in hunting, shooting and fishing the opportunity to engage in these activities in ways that can also benefit the work of the IAFF.

The IAFF has joined several other trade unions in affiliation with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) to give IAFF members a voice in an organization that focuses its efforts on conserving, maintaining and enhancing access to land for hunting, shooting and fishing. In addition, TRCP offers television programs on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) featuring union members participating in these activities.

In the coming months, the unions within TRCP will roll out a union-focused sportsman’s club that will have its own magazine, web site, radio show (in addition to the television shows already in production) and affinity programs (such as discounts on union-, American- and Canadian-made guns, hunting and fishing gear and adventure trips).(Read More)

The IAFF is also participating in a promotion that allows IAFF members to enter to win a hunting trip to be featured on TRCP/OLN’s television show, “Wildest Dreams.” For more information, click here or visit www.olntv.com/wildestdreams.

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