Nashville Firehouse #14 modeled after Roanoke Firehouse #5

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Nashville Fire Station #14 was modeled after Roanoke Fire Stations 4,5, and 6 which were pretty much all identical. I found this out several years ago, prior to my days of owning a digital camera. So on a recent visit to my parents, I drove by the firehouse again. I did not have time to stop in this time, but they do have an article on a desk in the bay explaining the relationship of the stations. In my first visit, I met a Captain at another station who was friends with one of our Battalion Chiefs at the time. Realize that this was probably 5-6 years ago. Nashvilles station is somewhat different inside. I believe this is due to a remodel. This station has a kitchen on the first level, behind the bay. So there you go, your bit of history for the day. Below is a recent Picture of Firehouse #5 in Roanoke.
Which is a far cry from when the Station opened.(Link)

See the comments below for some additional interesting information.

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