New York Fire Patrol to Shut Down

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From NYFP Blog via Firefighter Blog:

In a vote yesterday afternoon by the Board of Directors and The Member
Insurance companies of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters they
have decided to vote to close the last 3 firehouses of the New York
Fire Patrol.

Many people do not know what the Fire Patrol is
here in New York. They see fireman with red hats working at a fire and
assume that they are part of the New York Fire Department. That is not
the case. They do work hand in hand but the New York Board of Fire
Underwriters pays the Fire Patrol. The Fire Patrols job is to preserve
and protect property during fire and water situations. These men also
put their lives of the line by going into these fires to protect
property by throwing covers over the property. (Read More)

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