News from The Roanoke Times-Looking Back

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News from The Roanoke Times-Looking Back:
n “A disastrous fire visited The Times plant yesterday evening … and nothing but the prompt and fearless work of the members of the two fire departments saved it from utter destruction. It is now being operated under a very crippled condition …”

n “Dirt for the new fire station No. 1 … was broken yesterday and the building will be pushed to completion with all possible speed.”

These were in the paper yesterday. Interesting reading. I do not have these articles yet. I will need to get by the Library, maybe Wednesday for a look-see. The two fire departments mentioned would have been the Junior Fire Company #2 operating out of the old fire station #1 at Jefferson and Kirk, and the Friendship Fire Company operating out of Fire Station #3 at 4th and East N.E. (later changed to #2).

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