The Maurice Wiseman Project

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The Maurice Wiseman Project has a new look. We have been adding to the site weekly. New this week are some articles as well as pictures from the 1930′s. To keep you all up to date on the Project’s growth, I will give you a rundown of what we have been up to. Travis Collins has scanned approximately 4500 images which include photo’s (late 1800′s to present), newspaper articles (1930′s to present), memo’s, letter’s, etc. Travis has been indexing the images by date, firefighter, station, incident, etc. Travis is also indexing all of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Boxes throughout the City. We continue to add information to the firefighter roster. We have gotten a great response from current and retired firefighters, as well as the families of deceased firefighters. They have been supplying us with photos, artifacts, and history for us to add to the project. Some of the items have been loaned to us for us to scan or copy and then return, yet most of it has been given to the RFFA for the Project. As for me and what I do for the project, let us just say that I stay busy. New Ideas abound. If you want to get involved, let us know. We have only scratched the surface.

Just to let you all know what significance next year poses, it is the 100 year anniversary of Fire Station #1, the 100 year anniversary of the Roanoke Fire Department becoming fully paid, and the 125 year anniversary of Fire Service in Roanoke City. If you have an idea for how to celebrate the events, please let the MWProject know.

The RFFA has also added a Classified Ads section to the site. You can view it HERE. If you have something to add to it, the contact information is on the site.

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