2006 Guns N’ Hoses Hockey Game – Law Enforcement Wins

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I just got back from the Roanoke Civic Center watching the Firefighters get beat by the Police Officers. It was a great game though, and it came down to a shootout in overtime to find a winner. The game ended with a tie 6-6, but in overtime the Firefighters were beat by 2 unanswered points in a tie breaking shoot out. All in all the guys all played very well. Roanoke City was represented by Eddie Fielder, Tom Mougin, Danny Hughes, and Jon Willdigg. Jon made a grand entrance, which everyone enjoyed. There was a decent crowd which stayed over after the Vipers loss to watch the Firefighters play the Officers. The event raised $4800 for MDA. Thanks to all who came out to see the game.

It should be noted that Gary Hostetter of Roanoke County is responsible for organizing this event, as well as the 2004 and 2005 Guns N’ Hoses Hockey Games. If you bump into Gary, be sure to thank him for a job well done. That goes for the entire Roanoke County Local as well.

You can view the entire Photo gallery for the 2006 Guns N’ Hoses Hockey Game on the Local 1132 website. (View gallery here)

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