Basketball at Fire Station #10

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Here you can see Dean “The Dream” Russell, Mike “The Mason” Banks, and Rhett “Airball” Fleitz (me) out playing “Horse”. Well actually we didn’t play horse, we were using longer words so the game lasted longer. Anyways it was a beautiful day outside, and we enjoyed it. One thing about being assigned to the ARFF Crew is that we don’t get out much. Sure we go out and ride territory each day, and do house work, and all that stuff. The thing that is missing is the calls. It is easy to get used to the laid back atmosphere and become sluggish. I have noticed that I need to begin working out if I want to stay in shape. Unfortunately my station has not yet received the workout equipment that the City is beginning to purchase for the stations. I understand that Station #10 is next on the list to receive some of the equipment. The station has some equipment that firefighters have brought in over the years, but it is hardly enough to get a decent workout out of. So I went out and bought a bicycle trainer, one that you prop your bike up on, and ride it as a stationary bike. I have been riding each day, as well as working out with what I have to work with. This is all in an effort to curb my expansion and save the City some money that they would need to spend on a bigger pants size. Either way, I plan on getting into better shape. I recently joined the YMCA, and my wife has begun working out there. I have yet to find time to get down to work out. Between the station, the Credit Union, and the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association I don’t really have time to dedicate to working out. I like to spend most of my free time with my family. Hopefully I will be able to begin working out on my days off, but if not I will just step up the workouts at work. I also hope to begin riding my bike to and from work. The hardest part of this is riding from the Station to the Credit Union and getting there on time.

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