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Ok, here is the deal. I am not typing from my computer. Actually mine is fixing itself right now, and has been for most of the day. I received a new motherboard for my laptop the other day, and since then I have been having serious problems with my computer. I believe it is all centered around a faulty driver for some random hardware in the computer. The point is that I attempted to create a post earlier to tell you of Lt. P.K. Hundley’s retirement. I was planning on adding some photos, and information about his career. However, I will not be doing that now. On the other hand, I will be waiting for my computer to fix itself. I will not be able to post this evening either, because I have plans. So you will have to wait til tomorrow. Plan on it being a multiple post day. In the meantime, I am always looking for leads on stories for the site. So let me know if you know of anything.
The Local 1132 site will be updated in the next couple of days. Check out the new format on the frontpage of the site. I will chronicle any updates, etc. on the front page. This will probably eliminate the need of the Local 1132 news wire. Look for more updates in the future.
Hopefully I will have the computer fixed properly soon, and get back to the regular programming.

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