Firewhirl Weblog – Historic Fire Engines from Europe

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Check out this post on Firewhirl. The site he speaks of has a lot of great photos of historic apparatus from Europe. Take a minute to check out how the apparatus look in different parts of the world. Interesting read.

Northern Plains Fire: Firewhirl Weblog:

Historic Fire Engines from Europe

If you like pictures of old fire engines this is the site for you. Check out Historical Fire Engines Europe to see lots of pictures of older fire engines from England, France, Switzerland, Norway, and others. There are some American-made trucks such as Ford, Dodge, Ahrens Fox, and Ward LaFrance. Then there are European-made trucks such as Mercedes, Studebaker, Renault, and Volvo. Cool site.

I took a quick pass through some of the pictures and here is one of my favorites – a Magirus ladder truck from 1921 used in the Netherlands.

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