Light Bulb Burning for 80 Years at Oklahoma Station – News

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Light Bulb Burning for 80 Years at Oklahoma Station – News:
Some light bulbs promise to burn for several years, but there’s a bulb at an Oklahoma fire station that’s been going strong for nearly 80 years.

Even when the town is quiet, every firefighter knows there is equipment to check and maintain.

“Air pressure looks good. Never know when that nice little buzzer is going to go off,” fire chief Steve Slayton said.

Slayton checks hoses, tanks, boots and helmets, just as generations of fire chiefs have before him.

“I started here in 1985 as a volunteer. I became full time in 1987,” he said.

Old pictures tell the story of Fire Station No. 1. Horses pulled the pumpers 100 years ago. Then came the first engines, always newer and with better equipment.

The fire chiefs have changed through the years, but somewhere along the climb toward present day, something special took shape in the shadows of the upstairs dormitory.

Back in 1927 someone installed a light bulb. At the time it wasn’t a big deal, but as the years passed and the light stayed on a sense of illuminated pride took shape.(Read More)

I read this whole article, and the only thing that I could think of is this: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Not one person called the light bulb antequated or wanted to switch the lightbulb out with a new one even though this one is working.

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