Roanoke Fire-EMS Promotions

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Did you know that there was a time when Firefighters where mentioned in the news all the time. Not only for the fires they put out, or wrecks they ran, or other news worthy incidents. Actually there was a time when Firefighters were featured in the paper when they were hired, promoted, retired, were awarded, and yes even when they were fired. In our job, bad publicity is bad publicity. So we can do without the firings etc. from being printed in the paper.

Since it is rare that we make the paper for getting hired, promoted, or even retiring, I figure it is my job to publicize it for us.

Last week, the Roanoke Fire-EMS department promoted FF/PM Jason Crouch and FF Jeff Peay to the rank of Lieutenant. Then today, they promoted FF Jeremy Bennington to the rank of Lieutenant. Jeremy was promoted today to fill the vacancy that Lt. P.K. Hundley will leave when he retires April 1st. The promotional ceremony for the 3 Lt.’s will be next week. I will do a story on P.K in the future. So look for that soon.

Pictured above: Lt. Jason Crouch
Pictured above: Lt. Jeremy Bennington
Sorry, I didn’t have a picture of Lt. Peay

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