Roanoke Firefighters "Firefighter of the Year Award"

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The next “project” for The Maurice Wiseman Project is documenting the Firefighter of the Year Award for the past however many years. Currently this is what we have:

Firefighter of the Year Award
Year Honoree
1967 Carl Holt
1968 Gary Moorfield
1969 Nelson Reed
1981 James Patton & Randy Obenchain
1985 William Gayle
1986 Roger Guilliams
1992 Harold Kelley
1993 Cecil Boyd
1997 Willie Wines
1998 Keith Blankenship & Wayne Hall
1999 Robert Early
2005 Chuck Sharp & Jeremy Bennington
? Johnny Lester & PK Hundley

Yes we realize that we have a lot of holes in our list here. But we are relying on you all to help us out. So leave a comment or call me or email me.

As for the awards, Captain Adkins headed up a project to broaden the awards that the RFFA gives out each year at the Banquet. This year there were Company Citations given out as well as the coveted “Firefighter of the Year” Award. I think that this is a great step in boosting moral and increasing the pride among the Firefighters. I also think that there is more that can be done.

I have always wondered why our Department doesn’t decorate its firefighters with citations, awards, medals, etc. I have always felt as though this would benifit the Department as a hole by increasing the morale and giving the firefighters more pride in their job. I don’t mean everyone would be walking around like Flavor Flav with a huge gold medal around their neck. I am talking about the Fire Services version of the Military Medals and awards.

Check out what the Valley Stream Fire Department does. I am sure there are other websites out there with examples on the internet. Check out what the FDNY give out as Medals for Unit Citations.

It really doesn’t matter if the Deparment does it or not. The RFFA could do it. However, in order to wear your “decorations” on your Class A uniform, the Department would have to consent.

So what do you think? If you aren’t with Roanoke City, what does your Department or Local do?

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