Smeal Demonstration in Roanoke

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Smeal apparatus demonstration at the service center. Smeal brought an engine and a rear mount platform truck to the service center for us to check out the other day. Prior to this day, I had not been around a Smeal that I knew of. Hampden-Sydney just took delivery of a 75′ Smeal Sirius Quint. The pictures below are that of demo units they brought by for us to check out.

This is an engine with a 1000 gallon tank on it. The Sirius cab is roomy, however it still doesn’t compare to the Quantum cab of Pierce.
This rear mount 100′ ladder was impressive in its compartment space. The Sirius cab is the same as on the engine shown above. One interesting note was that in this cab, the seat belts have an alarm on them. When you sit in the seat, it recognizes the weight, and an alarm will go off if the truck is in drive while the seatbelt is not being used.

This is the hose bed. It comes out and shifts down. They boast that it will hold 1000′ of 5″ hose. This makes it easier to load the hose.

On a historical note, from what I understand, Walter Lambert made a similar contraption on one of our Grey Ghosts. The hose bed slid out and had drop down wooden legs to hold it up.

All in all, the Smeal company makes a decent firetruck. But then again most manufacturers do. The biggest issue when buying a firetruck is, the longevity of the truck you are purchasing, and the maintenance costs along the way.

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