Station 6 gets a Makeover

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Chuck Mills, a firefighter at station 6, stripped down and repainted the Gamewell Fire Alarm Box out front of station 6. I have to admit that the Box looks very good. Where is the box number at. I wonder if it was missing or if Chuck just hasn’t put it back on the box yet. Remember that this is one of the last Alarm Boxes still in service in the City of Roanoke.

Now you have to check this thing out. Chuck took a normal two door locker unit and knocked a dent out, prepared it for paint, painted it, added a couple of coats of clearcoat, buffed it, added some diamond plate, and added some reflective striping. This locker looks like a compartment fell off a fire truck. Either way, nice work Chuck.
This is a picture of the new Service Truck 1. The truck is the same old thing, but they are adding a box on the back end. The SCBA bottles are in the front compartment on both sides laying horizontally instead of vertically in the bed like they had been.

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