Steamer #1 and Greene Memorial United Methodist Church

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Hoekay, So this is the picture I have been seeking for a while. Although this is not a very good image. I had found the image on the VT imagebase, but I lost it somehow. Special thanks to Gavin Miller of Troutville Fire for delivering this CD with very important images to me. I am indebted. There are definitely some great images on this CD. We have a lot of them, but there are some that fill in gaps for us.

The picture above is of the Test of First Size Continental Steam Engine Roanoke Va. Sept. 5 1909 in Roanoke City. Although it is hard to see, the test was to show City Council that the stream made from the engine could actually reach the tallest part of the Greene Memorial United Methodist Church. If the Church seems familiar, it is still standing at the corner of Church Ave. and 2nd Street, adjacent to the Municipal Building.

Below is a picture of the men either right before or right after the test of the Steam engine. Shown is the apparatus. This is Steamer #1 stationed at Fire Station #1.

If anyone has a better picture of the top picture or any other for that matter, I would love to copy them and get them back to you. Thanks.

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