Tax Time

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I know that most of you have already had your taxes completed. Most of you have probably already spent your return. I get my taxes filed by Brenda Turner from B.T.’s Tax Service O’er in Town Rocky Mount. That is right, I drive about a half hour to patronize Brenda. She prepares taxes for approximately 75 firefighters alone.

I had my taxes prepared just the other day. Brenda showed me an interesting website. I was going to share it with you all. Unfortunately I lost the darn address. However, I did find CPA Services which has a similar listing for job specific deductions. Check out the site for a 12 month worksheet.

I also learned a little bit about itemizing your deductions. Basically, you only want to itemize if your deductions are going to exceed $10,000. If you do not own a house, your deductions probably are not going to exceed that amount, so you will not do it.

If indeed your deductions exceed that amount, then you can itemize your deductions. You can claim all sorts of good stuff. Check out the list for further.

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