125th Anniversary Committee

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I was invited to sit in on Roanoke’s 125th Anniversary Committee meeting on Tuesday. I had written an email to Mayor Nelson Harris to explain certain events that will occur next year in relation to the Fire Department. Mayor Harris forwarded the email to the committee Chairman Chip Woodrum. Chip contacted me and invited me to the meeting.

I did not have any expectations going into the meeting. I was an outsider, and did not have a voice on what to do. I was merely invited to give my two cents on the Fire Department. Unfortunately it did not go the way I was hoping.

The 125th Committee is very busy with numerous ideas. They have a long process in front of them.

I feel as though the RFFA and Fire Department will need to celebrate it’s milestones and have an emphasis on Roanoke’s 125th. This is kind of what the committee was hinting at. The businesses and citizens can plan events and incorporate the 125th theme. Instead of the 125th committee planning everything.

Remember that next year, 2007, will be the 100th year of Fire Station #1 and the 100th year of a fully paid Fire Department.

I know that the Fire Department is planning on forming a committee to look into certain festivities.

I wish the 125th Committee luck in their task. I hope that the Citizens are able to help pull of certain events.

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