Fire Service History

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Check out this new site I found. It chronicles historical fires and the like. It seems to be an up and coming blog related to the fire service. Check out the history on the Maltese Cross. There is also information on the Star of Life.

Fire Service History:

History of the Maltese Cross
I ran across this article tonight while looking for another article to post on. The entire article is gleaned from another website from along time ago, I wish I could reference and give proper credit to the original author, web-host, and the contributors. Some people have asked about the origins of the fire service. This symbol is an ancient representation of the fire service.
The Maltese Cross

The eight-point Maltese Cross is the international symbol of the fire service’s willingness to make great
sacrifices in order to protect others from the ravages of fire. It is a badge of courage and honor and it story is
hundreds of years old.

This honored symbol originated with a group of eleventh century knights who were serving in a Jerusalem
hospital. They became known as the Order of Knights Hospitaller and later became the Knights of St. John. This
charitable organization cared for the ill with great compassion.(Read More)

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