Foam Training

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I don’t know about your department, but we do not get to do too much foam training. We also have some on board foam systems which are a little bit confusing if you don’t flow foam often. Captain Banks and I rode down with Engine 10 to do some foam training. As you can see from the picture below we got a little bit of foam introduced into the foam tank. This is common from what I hear. There is a Direct Tank Fill that needs to be utilized during foam operations to keep this from happening. Ok, lesson learned. After all, we had done foam training about a 1 1/2 months ago and didn’t have this problem. I think we were using the correct intake though.

Above you can see Lt. Dean Russell (E10) walking, although I am not sure who is on the line. We were testing a new foam nozzle. It is a task force tip with an aerating attachment on it. This is to replace the old solid tube foam nozzles. I am not sure why we went with the new nozzles, not that I don’t like new equipment to play with. I just do not think the new ones work as well as the old ones. You don’t have the reach that the old ones offer. I have only used the new one once, I look forward to doing more testing on it.
Here is a picture of Lt. Stacy Boothe (E14) on the left and Yours Truly on the right. It isn’t everyday that I get a picture on this blog.

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