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I am a proud International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) member as well as a member of the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters (VPFF) and the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association (RFFA). As an IAFF member we are entitled to displaying the IAFF Sticker on our vehicles. This is a symbol of Pride and Brotherhood. I travel a lot by Interstate and I enjoy seeing other stickers out there. I have read of Brothers/Sisters being assisted by other IAFF members in a time of need all because the sticker in the window.

Any IAFF member is able to get these stickers. As a Sec./Treas. of my Local (1132) I know that each year we are sent the typical red IAFF stickers. If we want we can purchase customized IAFF stickers through OregonFire.com. But you have to have proof of IAFF membership to order, either by letterhead or by your Local’s Check.

Unfortunately there are people out there who see the sticker as a possible way of getting out of a speeding ticket, etc. These people will go through great lengths to get a hold of an IAFF Sticker to display in their window. Currently there is a sticker going for $25 on Ebay, View the Item. You can view similar IAFF items for sale on Ebay HERE.

As an IAFF member you are doing yourself an injustice to sell IAFF logo items on Ebay or elsewhere unless you can guarantee that the buyer is an IAFF member. It is obvious to me that if someone is bidding $25 on Ebay for an IAFF sticker then that person is not an IAFF member, because an IAFF member can get them for free through their local.

In the South the name given to somebody who might use the IAFF Sticker without being an IAFF member might be a “Scab” a “Squirrel” or “Tick”, in the north they might call them a “Mutt” or “Pimp”.

Whatever you call them, they are definitely Wanna-Be’s.

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