Just another day in Roanoke

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If there are any other blog authors out there who would like to meet up, come on down. There is a group of local bloggers, me included, who are getting together tomorrow for the first time. The individuals involved run the whole gamat of blog types. From what I understand there has been a meeting of the Floyd area bloggers already. So even if you want to learn about blogging, or want to meet one of the local bloggers, come on down. It should be fun.

Just another day in Roanoke:

An open invitation:
Well, you wanted an open call, hows this for an open call?

This is an open invitation to come down and meet the Bloggers, Saturday April 29th, between 3-5pm at De Espresso on Jefferson St. downtown.

Confirmed: RoanokeFound (moi)
Roanoke Firefighters
Ms. Elenaeous

And many more..

Just a reminder that De Espresso is WiFi-friendly, so bring your laptops. With any luck – we will be running a live blog of the event. Possible AudioBlog posts as well. And (blackmail) photos for sure.

Remember to bring a couple of bucks for the coffeeman, and your sense of fun.

This could be the first in a series of get-togethers, so if you miss this one, you have only yourself to blame.

That is all…

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