Oscar Smith Retires

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I apologize for being a day late on this post. I was stuck in traffic yesterday on my way to Atlanta. So here it is.

“Oscar was hired October 25 1982 giving him 23 years and 7 months.

He was sent off with a steak dinner per tradition and will be leaving afterwards.

There are no immediate plans to replace him, but as his 1st Lt Loren Thompson said “How can you replace him” others at 2 said why would you want to have another like him. Everyone from Chief Grigsby and Hoback down to Every unit on duty came by to see him off at some point. His traditional pencil in his hat is not going to be willed or passed on to anyone, he says he may need it. Oscar is planning 3 seperate trips in the near future and plans to do ‘some’ plumbing work a couple days a week and is eventually going to move to the lake.

he seemed in good spirits and said that he doubts he’ll miss the job or the city but will miss messing with the guys and will stop in from time to time to fret them.”

Oscar was one of those guys whose demeaner and personality will be remembered for a long time. That is a good thing.

L-R Front Ronnie “Chicken” Campbell, Lewis Kennett, Oscar Smith
L-R Middle Johnnie Johnson, Charlie Fields
L-R Back John Sweeney, Jay Ransome, Billy Obenchain

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