Political stories from The Roanoke Times-Republicans pick up key endorsements

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Mark McConnel, one of the three endorsed candidates of the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association (RFFA) is a Republican. Recently he has gained momentum in his quest for Roanoke City Council. The article below speaks of recent endorsements including RFFA Local 1132. The other two endorsed candidates from the RFFA are David Bowers and Granger Macfarlane, both Democrats.

Political stories from The Roanoke Times-Republicans pick up key endorsements:

Republicans pick up key endorsements

By Todd Jackson

Mark McConnel, a Republican candidate for Roanoke City Council, picked up two endorsements late this week, one from the Roanoke Firefighters Association and another from former Democratic council candidate Evelyn Bethel.

The firefighters’ group became the first politically active city group to split its city council endorsements this year between the two political parties, asking voters to use their three votes on Tuesday to support McConnel and Democrats David Bowers and Granger Macfarlane.

On Friday morning, Bethel, a former Democratic council candidate who had to drop out of this year’s race because of an unexpected health problem, announced that she’s supporting McConnel and his Republican running mate, Stuart Revercomb. Bethel said it’s the first time she’s ever endorsed any Republican, but she said she felt compelled to this year because she believes McConnel and Revercomb are clearly the best candidates in the race.

The firefighters group, one of the most influential groups of its kind over the years, believes the election will be a deciding event in city history. Association President Rodney Jordan said the election will decide whether the city has a government that dictates to the citizens or one in which people have a say through their elected officials.(Read More)

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