Roanoke City Elections

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While I am not the most educated fireman when it comes to politics, I think I know enough to comment. What the hell is the deal with the Raonoke Times and the Independents? Am I the only to notice that it seems as though “For the City” has the newspaper in their back pocket. Look at the front page of the Times yesterday. “$308,332 makes the most expensive campaign ever”. I guess everyone is on the edge of their seat to see money can buy the Roanoke City Council Election. Sure I know that contributions have a lot to do with making it or not, but let’s be real. What has this ticket really have to offer?

What really set me off was today’s article about Ralph Smith backing the Republicans and one of the Democrats. He got them all together for a press release and made the statement. The Roanoke Times reports it as it should be. HOWEVER, look at the last paragraph. They ask Fred Hutchins, a political candidate for the Indies about what he thinks. Who cares what he thinks. We already know what he thinks, and what the Indies think.

I feel as though the Firefighters, as well as the rest of Public Safety + other City Employees, have a lot riding on this election. Local 1132 has decided to endorse McConnel, Bowers, and Macfarlane. It is a chopped ticket, and probably the best choices out of all of them. Revercomb is right up there too. But they could only pick 3, and so it shall be.

I guess the biggest thing is for the City Residents to get out and vote. To borrow an EMS term, I believe you could say that the City is “Circling the Drain”. I just hope we get the right people in their to make the right decisions.

Maybe the Times could be a little less obvious when it comes to endorsements.

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