TurnTo10 – Local News – Caught On Cam: Fire Truck, Car In Fender-Bender

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Thanks to Firewhirl for the heads up on this story. Check out the video attached to this link. The news camera actually caught a car cutting off a fire engine which was responding emergency. I am just surprised that the firefighters didn’t come off the truck with an axe, I mean an attitude adjuster.

TurnTo10 – Local News – Caught On Cam: Fire Truck, Car In Fender-Bender:

PROVIDENCE — A Providence fire truck and a car were involved in a fender-bender Monday morning as the emergency vehicle was responding to a call.

An NBC 10 photographer caught the accident on videotape. The videotape shows a pickup truck and then a car turning in front of the fire truck, which had its siren on.

The pickup truck completed the turn, but the fire truck struck the car. The driver did not appear to be hurt. The rear fender of the car was damaged.

Providence Batallion Chief Thomas Warren said these kids of accidents are fairly typical. He offered some advice on what drivers should do if they hear sirens coming up behind them. (Read More and View the Video)

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