Capnography for Paramedics

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Sure, I know, I am not a Paramedic. However, in the past week I have come across several articles on Capnography or End Tidal CO2 Monitoring. So I figured that I would pass along the information that this blog has in it. Check out the latest post about Capnography. The blog is all about the topic. When I worked for Richmond Ambulance Authority the Paramedics were using it, and that was 8 years ago. Roanoke just recently got it in the past year or so if my memory serves me right.

Capnography for Paramedics:

I am using this blog to explore the issue of capnography in the prehospital setting. Unlike with 12-Lead ECGs, you can’t just go out and buy a book. The information on capnography is out there, but not that accessible. I want to use this site to gather that information into one place, as well as to post my own experiences.

I first heard about capnography at the JEMS conference in Philadelphia a few years ago. I took a one hour mini-class from a vendor. In one ear and out the other. I didn’t have capnography so it didn’t stick. Last year, we finally got capnography put on our Life Pack 12s. I learned how to put it on the ET tube, but the first couple codes I did, I completely forgot that I had it, then the next couple times I remembered about ten minutes into the code. Now, I keep an ET filter line in my airway kit, so it is starring at me when I unzip the kit.

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