"Firefighting in Roanoke"

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This weekend I will sign the contract for the book I am working on. The working title is “Firefighting in Roanoke”. Let me know what you think or if you have a better suggestion. I will be busy working on this book through September 1st when the book will be submitted.

Here is your chance to get yourself into the book. If you have a photo you think is worthy of the book send it in to me. I will need an original if possible to be used in the book. You, or the proper photographer, will be credited in the book. If you remember a great photo seen in the paper, get me the photographers name and the date it ran and I will seek it out.

In the near future, I will be looking to Roanoke Firefighters for information on certain fires, photos, and events so that I can accurately document our history.

Thanks in advance for any assistance on the book.

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