Firefighting occupations

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I thought that these figures were interesting compared to Roanoke. Realize that these figures are already two years old. This information comes from the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics – Occupational Outlook Handbook. You should read the entire webpage to get the full picture.

Firefighting occupations:

According to the International City-County Management Association, average salaries in 2004 for sworn full-time positions were as follows:

Fire chief min. $68,701 max. $89,928
Deputy chief min. 63,899 max. 79,803
Assistant fire chief min. 57,860 max. 73,713
Battalion chief min. 58,338 max. 73,487
Fire captain min. 49,108 max. 59,374
Fire lieutenant min. 44,963 max. 53,179
Fire prevention/code inspector min. 43,297 max. 54,712
Engineer min. 41,294 max. 52,461

Fire fighters who average more than a certain number of hours a week are required to be paid overtime. The hours threshold is determined by the department during the fire fighter’s work period, which ranges from 7 to 28 days. Fire fighters often earn overtime for working extra shifts to maintain minimum staffing levels or for special emergencies.

Fire fighters receive benefits that usually include medical and liability insurance, vacation and sick leave, and some paid holidays. Almost all fire departments provide protective clothing (helmets, boots, and coats) and breathing apparatus, and many also provide dress uniforms. Fire fighters generally are covered by pension plans, often providing retirement at half pay after 25 years of service or if the individual is disabled in the line of duty.(Read More)

According to Salary.Com, Roanoke Firefighters are at about the 30th percentile in the Nation for Firefighter pay.

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