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This is an interesting read on fundemental changes to the Roanoke City Governement. Read the whole article for the whole story. Most of what he speaks of makes a lot of sense. You never know.


Roanoke’s Revolution :: City Government

Roanoke City’s governmental structure truly needs fundamental reforms, alterations to its long established structure. Currently Roanoke resides under a Council-Manager structure of government. In this construct the City Council is an elected body that appoints a City Manager who really oversees the day-to-day happenings of the city. This does two things, 1) Puts primary control of the city and it’s resources in the hands of an unelected official is not accountant able to the people and 2) Gives a select few in the City Council an inordinate amount of power. This accompanied with the five appointed positions in the city government in addition to the appointed seven-member school board, the voice of the people in Roanoke is largely ignored and only paid lip service to. Government has ceased to work for the people, now it simply works for itself and the rich who control it while wearing a veil of foggy public service.(Read More)

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