Roanoke Fire Fighters Local 1132 – Roanoke City Council Endorsement

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Roanoke Fire Fighters Local 1132:
Mark McConnel, David Bowers, and Granger Macfarlane have been endorsed by Roanoke Fire Fighters Association Local 1132 for Roanoke City Council Elections 2006 [Endorsement letter below].

Keeping Roanoke Safe

Roanoke has reached a political crossroad, and this year’s election will decide the path we take. On one side we have a system where Elected Officials dictate the direction of the city, with little or no direction from the citizens. The other side leads us towards a system where the people have a say in their future, through their Elected Officials.

The Roanoke Fire Fighters Association feels that the Citizens of Roanoke should have more say in the decisions that affect their City. However for this to occur, it will require a change in City Councils philosophy. Our City Council can no longer make decisions without regard for the Citizens that elected them to their Council Seat. They must realize that they are the voice of the Citizens and have a responsibility to carry out the wishes of the Citizens.

We recently sat down and spoke with Council Candidates. We tried to identify Candidates that had the strength to give the City back to its Residents. We tried to find Candidates that were serious about getting involved in the business of the City. We must have Candidates that will question the decisions of our City Government and are passionate enough to ensure that the best interest of the Citizens be considered.

We sought Candidates who truly understand the phrase “Our employees are our greatest asset” A phrase found in the City’s mission and vision statements. At a time when health care cost are soaring, employee’s salaries are well below state average, employee morale at an all time low, retaliation toward employees a common occurrence and many other employee benefits being cut, we need Candidates who truly understand the relationship between the efforts of the City’s workforce and the success of the City. We sought Candidates that were capable of not only breaking down the old system but were also capable of building a solid foundation for a new system… a system based on respect. Respect for the Citizens as well as the employees of this great City.

The quality of all of the Candidates made our task of identifying our endorsements very difficult, but we were able to identify the Candidates that we know possess the skills necessary to take our City Government into a new era… An era that will bring about not only financial responsibility, but one that will also restore the faith of the Citizens in the administration of the City.

On Tuesday, May 2nd, we are asking you to join the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association in supporting Mark McConnel, David Bowers and Granger Macfarlane for City Council.

Together we can change how Roanoke governs. Together we can give the tough choices that Roanoke faces back to the Citizens of Roanoke. We urge you to cast your vote for these candidates on May 2nd.

Rodney A. Jordan
Roanoke Fire Fighters Association

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