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Today, actually about a half hour ago, I was told by a friend and fellow firefighter that he felt as though I had a bitter hatred for ARFF and everything it stood for. He added that he felt I didn’t’ think that ARFF belonged in the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department. I guess he thinks that I feel the ARFF guys are just a bunch of slugs who don’t have any business incorporating themselves with the Fire Department.

To that I say: WTF Mate? <---Click it, it really is hilarious.

Obviously it made me want to write something about the comments. So here it goes. I think that ARFF definitly has a place in Roanoke Fire-EMS. I think that the Crash Crew (as it once was known) and the rest of the Department have a great working relationship. I believe that in the event of an actual disaster (read = plane crash) we will be in a lot better situation than if we were a seperate department. I also feel as though the ARFF firefighters standby for the worst case scenario all the time (read = there aren’t any fenderbenders in the sky). Luckily for the ARFF guys and all others who would be involved there is a low tendency of Fixed Wing (read = airplane, jet, etc.) accidents. Even the low percentage which do occur, the chances are that if the ARFF crew is involved they would be 2nd due (read= not on Airport Property). That is fact.

Really in the end I guess if anything you would call me ungrateful. I am about to break an unwritten rule of Firefighters. I am about to tell you what I do all day. NOT. You really think I am that stupid. It amazes me that there isn’t a list of firefighters waiting to get assigned to the ARFF crew. Actually I am the one who brought up a rotation onto the Engine, which is my little bit of heaven on Earth. Something most firemen take for granted.

In closing: Do I hate the ARFF crew? No. Would the ARFF crew be my first choice of assignments? No.

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