The Lost Engines of Roanoke

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Here is an interesting Roanoke History link: The Lost Engines of Roanoke. Several months ago, a fellow firefighter asked me if I had seen the old Norfolk & Western Steam Locomotives. I have seen them, but not as close as the pictures on the website show. Check out the site and navigate the pictures of Locomotives 917, 1118, 1134, and 1151. There are pictures of the locomotives now and the locomotives back in their day.

I only wish that Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal Company had gotten a hold of our old horse drawn steam engines and kept them around. You never know what else may be out there. Don’t forget that Local 1132 has been granted permission to remove the 1918 model water tower which is still at Cycle Systems. I guess that is our little part of history which correlates with The Lost Engines of Roanoke.

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