Broadway’s injury

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Here is a message to all the Roanoke Firefighters who are concerned with FF Bradbury. Let me know if you have any questions and I will forward them. Leave any comments you might have for him as well.

“Rhett, I just wanted to post a note to tell everyone thanks for the calls and concern for our recently injured brother. If anyone doesn’t know what happened to Kevin “Broadway” Bradbury, we were playing volleyball the other night and yes contrary to popular belief it was “REAL” volleyball not SUMO or UFC just regular old volleyball. Broadway was going to hit the ball and stepped down wrong and fractured his ankle. Not to go into detail but I will remember that sight and sound forever.

After the X-rays the orthopedist told us that he had in fact fractured his ankle in 3 separate places and dislocated it as well. As of today he is resting at home with family and is awaiting the swelling to go down enough for the ortho’s to get in there and operate, which could be up to seven more days. He will then be on the road to recovery, and says he probably won’t be back to work until sometime in August.

I will send more info to Rhett to post as it comes in. Any questions feel free to call me or any of us at 2-A. It is also reported that the Dept PIO is keeping a close watch on the situation as well. Thanks again for the calls.

Yours in service,
Travis A. Simmons

P.S. Thanks to Admin. and Capt. Pope we were allowed to stay at the hospital with Broadway until his ankle was set and splinted, help the docs hold his leg and get his splint on and then to take him home and get him inside. Also thanks to the other Medic trucks for pickin up our slack while we were there so we could stay with our brother. I owe yall a big one…..Trav “

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