Cecil Boyd Retires

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Firefighter Cecil Boyd retires after 23 years on the job. Cecil was hired August 27, 1983 worked his last day June 12, 2006. Cecil, who planned on retiring in a couple more weeks, decided when he got to work yesterday that he had worked enough. I got to work with Cecil at Station #8 for about 4 months last year. I regard him as the hardest working no nonsense firefighter I have worked with. Cecil never got wrapped up in all the politics and nonsense of the job, he just wanted to fight a little fire occasionally and he was happy. Cecil received the Firefighter of the Year award in 1993 from the Roanoke Fire Fighters Association for rescuing children from a fire on Panorama (Salem View Apartments). Congratulations on your retirement Cecil.

Authors note: unfortunately I do not have a picture of Cecil, if anyone else does, send it in.

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