Middle-Aged Georgian Leaves Lucrative Job To Become Firefighter – Firehouse.com News

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In high school I often wondered what I was going to make a career of. My only stipulation was that I did not want to end up middle aged and hating to go to work. I had to pick something I loved doing. I had read stories of men going through a midlife crisis and realizing they hated their job. What a waste, I did not want to end up like that. Soon after becoming a volunteer at the age of 17, I knew that I had to be a Career Firefighter. Check out this story of one of those guys who was unhappy with his job and made a change.

Middle-Aged Georgian Leaves Lucrative Job To Become Firefighter – Firehouse.com News:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

He traded his white-collar malaise for a firehose and a renewed sense of purpose.

At 40, John Williamson realized that his life in corporate management had left him professionally unfulfilled, swamped with paperwork, and physically and emotionally drained from the long hours wasted on I-285.

His wife, Patti, recalls a pivotal conversation at their home in Suwanee. She asked him “Well, honey, what do you want to do?”

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a fireman. What kid doesn’t want to drive a firetruck?” he answered. Then, he added ruefully, “Now I’m too old.”

Just how old do you have to be before you give up on your boyhood dreams? The Williamsons decided that 40 was way too young — and they soon learned that 40 was just young enough to become a firefighter.

So, Williamson applied to the Gwinnett Fire Department. He finished at the top of a recruit class whose members were mostly in their mid-20s. Read More

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It just so happens that Roanoke Fire-EMS is finalizing the hiring process right now. We are in the process of hiring 17 recruits I think. I know several of the candidates and you might be interested to find out that several are firefighters from out of State, some are just moving from other States, and yet others are making career changes. Some of them have contacted me through this website. As always I am very happy to answer any questions. It is interesting to hear of who is looking to go where and for what reasons.

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