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Firefighters across the Nation and Canada have been participating in the Second “Stand Down” which is designed to trim all the fat out of a firefighters normal workday down to the bare bones necessity of running emergency calls and replace it with a focus on Safety. The IAFC and IAFF have partnered again this year in the “Stand Down” as a way of waking firefighters up to the common and most often accidents that have claimed their lives in the past. Read the article below, there is a nice compilation of events from many departments across North America.

‘Stand Down’ Rolls Across the Country – Firehouse.com News:
“ATTITUDE and BEHAVIOR are the driving forces behind policies, regulations, and safety mandates,” said Virginia’s Richmond Fire Department Fire Chief Robert Creecy as he addressed his personnel. “Without the right attitude and true accountability for consistent safe behavior, the rest is just words on paper.”

Richmond Fire and Emergency Medical Services are observing a six-week Stand Down. “Some people are sick, some are out on leave, you can’t reach everyone in one day. Everyone in my department will be taught. This is not something you accomplish overnight,” Creecy explained.

Creecy’s teaching methods must be effective. There was a 50 percent drop in Richmond Fire Department injuries and illnesses in 2005 over 2004, and motor-vehicle collisions were reduced by about one-third. (Read More)

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