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I will be out of town this week in Charleston, SC. Actually I will be in Folly Beach, SC. I might make an attempt at posting something during the week, but don’t get your hopes up. I had planned on drafting up at least 7 posts and just posting one each day, but I didn’t. I should be available by email if anyone gets a good idea to post, then I will try and get somewhere to post it. If I get a moment I would actually set out some posts that get everyone talking. It seems as though most of my returning readers who are Firefighters here in the Valley don’t mind posting a comment to a controversial issue, however when someone retires or there is some other form of congratulatory comments you guys clam up.

Either way, I know that you guys are reading the posts due to the comments here and there. I check the visitor stats regularly. The blog just surpassed 50,000 hits.

Here is an idea, or an assignment if you will. Find a unique website related or even unrelated to firefighting, but something others will find interesting and post it in the comments. There are plenty of great websites out there. This is your turn to provide the information. You can point to the websites homepage or a specific page or article. Just copy the address out of the address bar and paste it in the comments. If you have a website of your own, put it in there. This is a great opportunity at getting some readers since this post might be up an entire week.

As for my assignment – I will be relaxing on the beach drinking beer and then….. drinking another.

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