"Bad Speed" as seen on the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue – Blog

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This is a well written story by Jose A. Nochea on the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Blog. It isn’t every day that we get to see the perspective of another firefighters feelings and experiences written after the incident.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue – Blog:

Rescue 37, Engine 37 respond on a 29 Delta – 4, vehicle versus house and light pole, person trapped. As I made my way into the truck, I had a bad feeling about this one for some reason, and as we turned East into Coral Way from SW 137 avenue, I confirmed my feelings as I could see from the cab of my Quantum engine a mangled sports car that had absorbed most of the impact from the light pole through the passenger door where a 17 Y/O boy sat badly trapped. After conducting my size-up, taking command, and requesting additional required units including TRT, I assigned R37 as medical group, and my three firefighters to set up the jaws and pull and charge the 100’ bumper jumpline. (Read More)

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