Fish On!!

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Yesterday we went to Pirates Cove Marina bright and early to go fishing on the boat Hot Reels. We had a slow start, but caught up quick. Ours was the biggest catch brought in for the day. We ended up catching 7 tuna, one small dolphin, and a small brown shark. Some of the other boats caught some marlin, but they are catch and release. We ended up catching 164 lbs of fish that we kept – 6 tuna and 1 dolphin. We had a blast. You can see the fishing update for July 5th here, we were the featured catch. Sunday we will be having Tuna for dinner, big shock huh.

In other news of interest, the Local 1132 site is back online.

This is the 600 post on the Roanoke Firefighters Blog. I hope you all have enjoyed reading. Total visits to the site are just over 35,000 and total pageviews just over 56,000. Not too bad for a blog that is just over 1 year old.

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